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Simplifying Ceramic Pro Packages

What is the Difference Between Ceramic Pro Packages

First, many of you might be wondering what happened to the Gold and Silver packages. While we still offer the Ceramic Pro Gold and Ceramic Pro Silver packages, the technology has recently been updated. In case you missed it, here is the latest on ION technology.

The Ceramic Pro Bronze package is positioned as an entry-level ceramic coating. It is excellent for a short-term leased vehicle or if you are getting ready to sell. In general, if you plan on keeping your vehicle, we would prefer to see you get the Sport Package now and upgrade to Ceramic Pro ION or Ultimate ION later.

You may also notice that some Ceramic Pro dealers are not offering Ultimate Armor, ION, Ultimate ION, Carbon X, Ultimate IR, and other products. This is because Ceramic Pro is only releasing its newest technology and highest-end products to elite dealers.

We also offer window tinting, interior ceramic coatings, and paint protection film.

There are a lot of ceramic coatings on the market. The term ceramic is a major buzzword these days. It is highly suggested that you review our buyer’s guide before deciding. We also have a great FAQ page.

Auto Detailing 360
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Wayne CastroWayne Castro
21:48 15 Dec 22
The outcome of the detailing was second to none! Outstanding service and customer service. If you are needing your vehicle cleaned and shined inside and out there is no better place to go. I really appreciate the personal touch and outstandin customer service
Dan BrinkworthDan Brinkworth
13:30 10 Dec 22
Service was amazing. They did an excellent job on my vehicle. Would recommend to anyone.
Grayson StoverGrayson Stover
15:52 22 Nov 22
These guys are great! The amount of detail put into their work really shows. Jeremy is such a pro. I was so impressed with my first visit that I brought in my other vehicle a week later. If you want your car looking better than it ever has use 360 Auto Detailing.
Charles WoodwardCharles Woodward
00:51 16 Nov 22
Had my truck tinted here. 25% IR Ceramic. Awesome job these guys did. Definently will be back!
Marion TiradoMarion Tirado
13:52 03 Sep 22
I had the quick detailing package. They did a great job! I hadn't been able to I wash the car myself in years! I HIGHLY recommend them.

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